Monday, December 10, 2018

What is the TempBlob table and why should we use it?

TempBlob  Record Table in Detail

To help you as a developer when writing code to manage import and export of files, you can use the table TempBlob (99008535).

The TempBlob table contains the following fields:

  • Primary Key (integer)
  • Blob (BLOB)

The TempBlob table contains the following functions:

  • WriteAsText
  • ReadAsText
  • ReadAsTextWithCRLFLineSeparator
  • StartReadingTextLines
  • StartWritingTextLines
  • MoreTextLines
  • ReadTextLine
  • WriteTextLine
  • ToBase64String
  • FromBase64String
  • GetHTMLImgSrc
  • GetImageType
  • GetXMLAsText

You should use this table as a temporary table, by setting the Temporary property on the record variable. This makes sure that changes made to the temporary table are not stored in the database. Examples of how to use the TempBlob table are available in codeunit 419 File Management.

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