Thursday, November 29, 2018

How to Start customising AL Extension for Dynamics 365 business central?

Dear Readers ,

This post is related with my AL development. Lets start to dive in Business Central to get a real idea.

Step 1. Open Visual Studio Code and Goto View-Command Pallette.

1. Select AL:GO
2. Type the project Name : Social Media
3. Change the Launch.json  file as shown in screen if you are using windows Authentication.

4. Download the Symbol from View and Command Pallete by typing AL:Download Symbol

5.Once your Symbols are downloaded you can start with real development.

6. Delete Hello World.AL file and create 1 folder with name  Tables to put all tables and create 1 file in it with name as shown in screen.

How to Extend existing tables via AL Code in Visual Studio?

1. Type ttable to use code snippet. And change the file as shown in screenshot.

2. Create one more folder Page and Add one more file for Pages. Publish the Extension to view your ready Extension. If you need some guidance to Publish the extension you can follow my last point of blog LINK.

3. After the Publish you can check your Extension Management Page.

4. Install the Extension and check your Customer Card PAge with new fields where you can enter records for your cutomers.

I hope this blog will help to understand AL Extension and coding link with your projects.

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