Tuesday, November 27, 2018

How to define Table Relations in Dynamics 365 Business Central using AL Visual Studio?

Hi Readers ,

Today we got with a new requirement based on extension to create table relation in D365 business 

central. As we know this is completely based upon code so we need to define 2 steps for this.

Firstly , defining table relation property in main table and then providing the LookupPageId from the 

source table.

Static Condition in Table relation.

What if you neeed to have dynamic condition like Sales Line or Purchase Line.

The brick layout has a layout that dynamically changes, depending on the number of columns in the Field Group.
There are 6 possible layouts:
  • Field 1 – Small font
  • Field 2 – Large font
  • Field 3 – Large font and right-aligned
  • Field 4 – Secondary field
  • Field 5 – Secondary field and right-aligned
  • Field 6 – Secondary field

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