Monday, November 26, 2018

How to connect Visual Studio Code with Dynamics 365 Business Central and publish app extension?

Dear All ,

I hope all NAV developers have already installed D365 Business Central On Premises and connected Visual Studio Code. Without spending much time , I am summarizing my steps how I completed this task.

At the end , I had completed the app publish via D365 Administration Shell as my visual studio was not publishing it in D365 BC.

So lets complete this blog with step by step process.

Step 1. Install Dynamics 365 Business Central from the Link.

Step 2. Download Visual Studio Code from this Link.

Setup your D365 BC Administration as shown in screen.

Step 3. Open Visual Studio and Click as shown to install extension from INSTALL FROM VSIX.

Step 4. Select the path of your setup file to get AL LANGAUAGE PACKAGE AS SHOWN in screen.

Path is

D:\06102018\Dynamics365BusinessCentral W1\ModernDev\program files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\130\AL Development Environment

Step 5. Now Click Alt+A and ALT+L
Or goto view and Code Pallet.

Step 6. Type AL:Go and select your New AL Project.

Step 7. Change your Server name and port as shown in screen.

Change these properties as in screen.
1. port
2. serverInstance

Step 8. Download Symbols from View and Command Pallete
AL:Download Symbol

Step 9. If its downloaded then you will get the message as in screen.

Step 10. Press F5 to Publish the extension.

You will receive success message as shown below.

Now Here after this if everything works perfect your extension will be published. You can check in Extension Management Page. Check in Screen.


Now open Customer List You will receive the message.

But in my case it was not happening from visual studio directly. So I followed the Powershell Path. If you need so you can also work on this alternative method to publish.

While Publishing you will get these files.

Step 1 Open Business Central Administration Shell using Run as Administrator.

You need to select the above mentioned file to be installed. with following commands.


Import-Module "${env:ProgramFiles}\Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central\130\Service\NavAdminTool.ps1"

Publish-NAVApp -ServerInstance BC130 -Path 'C:\Users\BEG-ASSET-026\Documents\AL\ALProject1\Default publisher_ALProject1_1.0.0.0.APP' -SkipVerification 

Your path may differ from me but it will work perfectly. You can check the extension in extension management but you need to install it manually.

So thanks readers hope this post will help you a lot.

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