Monday, November 19, 2018

Features in WareHouse

1. Warehouse Flow

a. Sales Order
b. Create Whse. Ship
c. Register Pick
d. Pick Document will Generate Post
e. Post SO

2. Purchase Order
Create Whse Recipt
Register Receipt
Put Away is created And Post Put Away
receive the Purchase Order

2. Location Blue is free to Ship/Receive and White is the location which is completely setup for Warehouse Demo in Demo Database.

3. Setups available in Warehouse

a. Warehouse Setup
b. Warehouse Employee
c. Location Setup

Bin Policy is the mandatory tab for decision making

d. Warehouse Zone Setup.

Warehouse is divided in Zones and Zones are divided in Bins

4. What is Bin?

Smallest unit in Warehouse.

5. What are available Activity Types in Warehouse?

Pick, Pur Away,Put Pick, QC,Receive ,Ship

6. Bin Ranking

Bin Ranking is provided to Bins in same zone for proper selection to System.

7. What are Put Away Templates?


8.Stock Keeping Unit

Advance and dedicated Item Card fro WareHouse Activity

9. Warehouse class field in Item Card.

10. Item Tracking is integrated with Warehouse for Serial No and lot no.

11. Internal Movements

12. Bin Movement via Movement Worksheet

13. Bin Replenishment

14. Block Movement specific to a Zone

15. Whse. Internal Picks/PutAways

16.  Flushing Method Field on Item Card

17. How is Production Flow integrated with Warehouse?

Released Prod. Order
Select Location Code
Select Bin COde
Referesh Production Order
Post Consumption
Production Journal
Create Whse Pick
Pick Document (Select Bin Policy Always Create Put Line)
AutoFill Qty. To Handle
Register Pick
Whse. INternal Put Away
Get Bin Content
Zone Code
Create Put Away
Put Away
Autofill Qty To Handle
Register Put Away

18. What is Assembly Order and Integration with Assembly Order?

Assembly Orders are Knitting multiple Items into one and it is fully integrated with Warehouse like same as Other Modules.

19. How to Receive Items in Warehouse?

Via Put Away and Register and Post Put Away Document.

20. Waht is Cross Docking?

When we dont want to do Warehouse Activity just direct Ship and Receive from Warehouse.

21. How to use WareHouse Item Journal?

Warehouse Entry Only option

22. Warehouse Register

23. Item Journal Post

24. Whse. Reclass Journal

25.Whse. Phys. Inventory Journal

26. Inventory Period Physical Invt. Counting Period Code on Item Card

27. WareHouse Entry Archieve.

28. How to Enter a lost item?

Whse. Item Journal -> Register -ve Qty. -> Goto Item Journal _> Run Calc. Whse. Adjustment Batch-> Post

29. Pick Worksheet

30. BreakBulk

This is also breaking higher unit of measure to smaller.

31. Integration of Service Order with Warehouse.

All the steps are available in MSDN Sites. This post I had created for demo purpose , if any reader needs a clarification then I can give a full dedicated post.

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