Friday, November 23, 2018

Advanced Financial Management Features available in MS Dynamics NAV 365 Business Central

Below features of Financial Management are available and useful for Demo purpose for Pre Sales Consultant. Detailed steps are available on MSDN Website. If readers require any explanation , please comment below and let me know.

1. Cost Accounting

2. Master data in Cost Center

Cost Type & GL Account

3. Cost Accounting Tab is available on Chart of Accounts

4. Cost Objects

5. Cost Accounting Setup

6. Cost Allocation Dynamic/Static

7. Cost Center Vs General Ledger Accounting

8. Workflow in Cost Accounting

9. Setting Up Cost Accounting

10. Cost Entries

11. Cost Budget

12. Cost Allocations

13. Cost Accounting reporting

14. CashFlowForecast

15. Cash Flow Source -> Suggest CashFlowForecast->Register Cashflowforecast->StoreCashflow entries

16. Cash Flow Sources

a. Receivables
b. Payables
c. Liquid Funds
d. Manual Expenses
e. Fixed Assets
f. Service Orders
g. G/L Budgets
h. Jobs
I. Taxes
j. Cortona Intelligence

17. Steps for setting up Cashflow Forecast

a. Chart of Cashflow Accounts
b. Cashflow Setup
c. Cashflow payments terms
d. Cashflow Worksheets

18. Financial Reports available

a. G/L Account Balance
b. G/L Balance by Dimension
c. G/L Balance/Budget
d. BalanceSheet
e. Income Statement
f. Stmt of Cashflow
g. Stmt of Retained Earning

19. Account Schedule

20. Cost Budget Entries

21. Cash Flow Entries

22. Creating Reports based on Budgets

23. Analysis by dimension

24.Update Analysis Report

25. Financial Chart on Business Mngr. Rolecenter

26. Account Schedules Chart Setup

27. XBRL Terminology

28. XBRL Instance , Schema , Specification , Taxanomy integration

29. XBRL.ORG website for reference

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