Saturday, April 21, 2018

How to connect with Modern Development Environment in MS Dynamics NAV 2018?

Finally I did it , Connection with modern development !!!

As we all know change is the law of nature everybody is looking at microsoft what they want to do with Dynamics NAV.

Now the new name is Dynamics NAV 365 Business Central and what we developers are sure of that all development will be changed to new modern Visual Studio Code.

Also Dynamics NAV 2018 R2 is going to release in October 2018 so this might be the last version of Dynamics NAV for Indian Version with old memories. Hahaha.😼😼😼😼

So coming to the point :-

How to connect with modern development environment with Dynamics NAV 2018?

Step 1. Understanding what is this ?

This is a extension provide by microsoft with there setup in ModernDev folder. With this extension we can easily customise our standard product without changing the base code of microsoft.

Step 2. Where we can find this extension in product setup.

CU 03 NAV 2018 W1\NAV.11.0.20783.W1.DVD\ModernDev\program files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\110\Modern Development Environment

Step 3 : How to install this extension ?

      1. Setup your NAS Server to call Modern Dev Environment.

         Web Service URL and as shown in Development Tab must be same as mines.

  1. Open Visual Studio Code if dont have it download it from here.Download
  2. Go to extension.
  3. Click as shown to see Install from VSIX 
  4. Select the Modern Dev Environment Extension from the above path. 
  5. After installation it will ask for Reload click yes. This should be shown like me. 
  6. Now press Alt + A and Alt + K. It will ask you to setup File folder of default project. You can just press Enter and your Launch.Json file will open. If it does not works then click here and check this Link.

7. When All this things are done Press Ctrl + F5. You should get the final result like this.

I have followed this step and Extension is ready for me.

My next blog will showcase our first extension to be created in MS Dynamics NAV.

I hope with this blog dvelopers will be able to implement Visual Studio Extension completely.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Dynamics NAV 2018 Cumulative Update 03 is Available

Nav 2018 CU3

Hi All ,

You can download your latest updated CU3 for NAV 2018 from this below link :

Cumulative update installation and other pre requisites are also available on the web page.

This cumulative update is available in below regions :

Download Summary:
1.CU 03 NAV 2018
2.CU 03 NAV 2018
3.CU 03 NAV 2018
4.CU 03 NAV 2018
5.CU 03 NAV 2018
6.CU 03 NAV 2018
7.CU 03 NAV 2018
8.CU 03 NAV 2018
9.CU 03 NAV 2018
10.CU 03 NAV 2018
11.CU 03 NAV 2018
12.CU 03 NAV 2018
13.CU 03 NAV 2018
14.CU 03 NAV 2018
15.CU 03 NAV 2018
16.CU 03 NAV 2018
17.CU 03 NAV 2018
18.CU 03 NAV 2018
19.CU 03 NAV 2018
20.CU 03 NAV 2018