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More than 30 Points you must think before designing any RDLC Reports in MS Dynamics NAV 2017


This post is related with RDLC Report Defination Language in C/AL so before Designing you must

know the reason why and whom and How you will create Reports in MS Dynamics NAV 2017.

So my readers will be able to resolve many problems and concepts which anyone can use in their

daily development process.

25. We can pick Year , Month and Date Difference From Posting Date in NAV.


= Year(Fields!PostingDate.Value) Further you can also use this as grouping in RDLC.

24. We can use Format in TextBox & also Use HTML in TextBox in NAV

You can use HTML Format in Reports using Textbox If you need help in it you can comment below.

23. Use Of Exit Funtion in Source Expression

You may use  Exit Function also in Data Source of DataItem of RDLC Reporting

22. PrintOnlyIfDetail

Most of you might be knowing it can be used to save unwanted dataset in Report so can be used to improve the timing issue.

21. Use Matrix Report

20. Use conversion Function in RDLC Reporting to convert Format of Expression

19. What is the use of Dataset (Fields!Expression,"Dataset Result")?

It Defines the scope of Field Expression to complete the Result.

18. Use of Function in RDLC 

Check where Code.BlankZero Defination is Given in Report in Report Properties.

17. We can also use Date Function in RDLC Reports

16. We can use year for Grouping in RDLC Reports

15. INLine IF (IIF) and Switch Case can be used in expression of Row and textboxes

14. We can change Expression of Text Box on Behalf of conditions

13. Filling row with color even odd as per requirement.

You can use it in visibility expression

=Iif(RowNumber(Nothing) Mod 2, "PaleGreen", "White")

You can change the Color of BackGround on Behalf of grouping in MS Dynamics NAV.

12. We can insert Row No. in Table using inbuilt function ROWNUBER in RDLC

11. We can repeat header in RDLC Report on every page using static property

10. We can use top n property present in Filters of tablix property to calculate top N customer Item Vendor Report.

9. You can put images in MS Dynamics NAV Report and according to conditions.

8. You can Dynamically break a Tablix and remove last Line from tablix easily using RowNumber Inbuilt Function in RDLC.


So these are the points which are possible in MS Dynamics NAV if any any of the above point you need practical session you can comment me or directly message me from my blog I will update you with my blog.

Thanks to all my readers.

Happy Independence Day 2017 to all Indians.

Understand Grouping and applying Toggles in MS Dynamics NAV RDLC Layout


Before going in detail you should check the details about controlling the Columns and Rows in NAV

RDLC Layout.

Today I got a requirement from my client to show all Items By Location Report in MS Dynamics 

NAV. The requirement was simple using Item and ILE Tables but he wants to see the total in one line 

and if he needs to show details then only details must appear.

This requirement can be completed by using SSRS or RDLC Toggle Functionality present in MS Dynamics NAV.

So lets Get Started with seeing the Final result in Demo DB Cronus.

You can click on + and see the details so it is dynamic report for your client.

How to achieve it?

This Hide Details is a boolean field and Integer has Data Item Table view property
Number = 1 as we do earlier.

Now I had created the Layout as follows

Location Code is Grouped as Parent Group here. And selecting the Details Row I had Set the expression as Follows:

NOT Last(Fields!HideDetails.Value, "DataSet_Result")

Monday, August 14, 2017

Top 10 Points While Setting Up New Company in MS Dynamics NAV

1. Define No. Series

You have to decide which No. Series You are going to use and record for future discussion with 

client. These No. Series are defined under :-

1. Sales & Receivables Setup.
2. Purchase & Payables Setup.

2. Decide about Payment Tolerance?

This implies whether an invoice is settled at less amount than actual means 1059.00 $ can be settled at 1050.00 $ so ask from your client.

3. What are the major setups needed to start the transaction?

2. Sales & Receivables SETUP
3. Purchase & Payables Setup.
4. Inventory Setup.
5. VAT and TAX SETUP as per your localisation.

4. Document Exchange Service & XBRL 

If data exchange is required from MS Dynamics NAV Financial Management PEPPOL Format
Extensible Business Reporting Layout required by system.

5. Types Of Costing Method

For inventory decision FIFO LIFO Average Specific or Standard.
FIFO :- Inventory Valuation will be based on cost last received 
LIFO:-  Inventory Valuation will be based on cost First received
AVERAGE:- Inventory Valuation will be based on average of all.
SPECIFIC:- Inventory Valuation will be based on serial No. of Items and Inv. Val. will be based on exact units in stock.
STANDARD :- Inventory Valuation will be based on FIFO but the only difference is that the incoming cost which are based on an estimated cost that you set up on an ITEM. It is mainly used with Manufacturing.

6. How will you close the company?

Will there be any subsidiary coming in the company decide the designing of COA accordingly.

7. Decide about the Posting Groups?

Specific , General and Tax Posting Group present in MS Dynamics NAV.

1. Customer Posting Group 
2. Vendor Posting Group
3. Inventory Posting Group
4. Bank Account Posting Group
5. Job Posting Group
6. Fixed Asset Posting Group
7. Gen. Business Posting group
8. Gen. Product Posting Group
9. VAT Posting Setup / Tax Setup.

8. How will you do Payment Reconciliation ?

Will there be any data exchange framework requirement for details you may check Table series 1200.

So these are few major points which a Functional consultant must be aware before delivering the project to client.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

How to use Update Propagation Property in NAV


This post is bridge between a blog which I liked the most to describe the functionality of MS

Dynamics NAV from 2015 version.

What is Updatepropagation property in MS Dynamics NAV?

To reduce the customization in the page of MS Dynamics NAV we can use this property , you will 

find this property on Sub Page as shown below in screen.

With the use of this property you dont need to use Currpage.Update on various triggers.

Where we can use this property?

This property is majorly used while calculating Lines Column in document on Header for eg.

Sales Header .

TO view about this in practical you can go to this Link.

30 Things you should know about Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Hi ,

This post is related to upgradation of our skills as MS Dynamics NAV Developer if you are junior ,

Senior , Fresher or manager in an organisation. Below is list of 30 most well upgraded Links which

we all should know , if we are working in MS Dynamics NAV as Technical or Functional


No One is Perfect , But practice can make anyone PERFECT.

So visit and subscribe these links to upgrade yourself as much as possible.

2. https://explore.dynamics.com/

3. How many types of Discounts you can provide to your customer in Navision?

    We can provide 3 types of discounts in NAV:-

     Line Discount , Invoice Discount , Payment Term Discount.

4. When Last Direct Cost is updated?

     Last direct cost is updated when a purchase invoice is posted in the system and this price is

     appearing in Lines of document.

5. Summarize the WorkFlow Process in Navision?

    Setups required for the workflow configuration in NAV 2016 onwards:

    Setting up approval users (including setting up a user in Windows and in Microsoft Dynamics            

    Create a user in active directory

    Create a user in NAV and link with Windows directory
    Set up Approval

    Set up a workflow user group

    Setting up notifications for approval users:

    Create a notification schedule

    Create a notification setup

    Modifying and enabling an approval workflow:

    View the workflow template

    Create a new workflow

    Starting the job queue that dispatches notifications: (if required by client customization)
    Job queue setup
    Requesting approval of a purchase order, as user A:
    Create purchase order, after login from user A
    Send the request to approve
    Receiving a notification and then approving the request, as user B:
    Login from user B and approve the purchase order.

6. What are the types of Journal Entries in Nav?

   General Journal , Standard Journal , Recurring Journal , Reversing Journal.

7. Why document date is used or use of posting date and document date?

   Document date is used for all major calculation in system like Payment Terms and Methods while 

   Posting Date is date when it is posted in the system or document last date to change.

8. What is the use of OnHold Field in CLE is used for?

   To specify a code for user to hold the payment means if user wants to stop some payment due 

   to settlement then it is used.

9. How to process prepayment in Navision?

  I will not disscuss here whole process you can check on MSDN. I am just providing summarised 

  step to setup.
  1. General Ledger Setup Field Check Prepayment VAT.
  2. Sales & Receivables Setup Prepayment Calc.
  3. Gen. Product Posting Grp. Define Accounts.
  4. Sales & Receivables Setup. & Setup No. Series For Prepayment.

10. Diffrence between Cash Receipt Journal and Payment Journal?

 Main Difference is you can use check Functionlity with PAyment Journal which is not available 

with cash receipt Journal.

11. What is the use of Remaining Amt. on CLE and Open Field?

Original Amount and Remaining Amount columns on CLE & VLE. If the Remaining Amount column is zero, the full payment has been received.

if the checkbox is not selected in the Open column, the invoice is fully settled.

12. What is Payment Registration Functionality in NAV?

This functionality of MS Dynamics NAV provides you to check all the payments that needs to be 

received or paid. You can also post the payment directly from here. Pth is as below in Cronus

CRONUS International Ltd./Departments/Financial Management/Cash Management

13. What is Data Exchange Framework in NAV?

This framework is basically designed for payment and bank reconciliation in MS Dynamics NAV.

You can look at table and codeunit in 1200 series and can use the functionality to import any type of 

data format in the navision.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

How to use email Item Record Table and Mail Management Codeunit

Hi All,

Thanks to Saurabh Sir for provoking me to write this blog. I thanks him for providing new

information as much as possible. I had followed his blog and re - writing this blog with variables and

screenshots which were not available there. So it will be better to understand few consultants like me

slow learner.

To go directly to Link click here Saurav Dhyani

I had applied the same solution you can view the screenshot and download my solution from Here

Download Codeunit 50000

Download Report 50000

Download Page 22 Customer List

Remove the objects present already on these ids and before importing these objects.

This report is using the concept of Open Field present on Customer Ledger Entries and calculating

the sum of amounts in navision RDLC Reports.

Codeunit is using TempBlob Record Table also to customize the requirement.

Friday, August 11, 2017

August 2017 Latest MIcrosoft Dynamics NAV released Cumulative Update 09

Hi ,

This post provides information about the latest cumulative updates provided by microsft for NAV 2017 Version.

Get your Latest CU 09 for NAV 2017 August 2017 release.

All summarised sheets of cumulative update is provided in the link below:

Download NAV 2017 August Release 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017

Microsoft New Latest Release NAV 2018

Microsoft Latest Release TENERIFE MS Dynamics NAV 2018

So Friends,

Microsoft is going to release its next version of NAV and it is known to be MS Dynamics NAV 2018.


So wait for the latest release of MS Dynamics NAV 2018 at my blog.

This blog post will update you all latest knowledge of MS Dynamics NAV 2018.

"Tenerife" will be able to use online 24 * 7 Artificial Inteligance Web Services like capability to take decision on behalf 

of images and activities.

Hope So ,Microsoft will also extend its capabilities in Dynamics 365 Finance and

Operations Business edition.

New Development tools for NAV 2018

Drag and Drop Facility for several customization steps.

Visual Studio to develop extensions in MS Dynamics NAV. 

All About MS Dynamics 365 Registration and certification for MS Dynamics?

What is Dynamics 365 from scratch and all?

So Guys for past one year we are in news of MS Dynamics 365 released by Microsoft and now it is 

available in 2 Versions .

Dynamics 365 For Business .

Dynamics 365 For Financials.

What are these 2 Terms So stay with me for whole bunch you will get all here.

These 2 are basically SAAS based service Software as service one of the 3 categories of cloud based 


Who can use it?

Any small , mid or medium size enterprise who needs to automate its business tracking via software can use it.

What it really is?

In terms of ERP , it is an cloud based ERP System based on CRM and ERP NAV integration, if you 

have really worked on MS Dynamics NAV then you can relate it with the process. So without 

wasting much of your precious time

time I will tell you how a normal consultant or any business owner can start with Dynamics 365.

To Register For MS Dynamics NAV ,

You may need to sign up for Microsoft Account or hotmail login, Because it will be required in Further process,

How To Learn Dynamics 365 customization?

I can provide you the Link For Certification , So for my next training material for these certification 

you may contact me and subscribe for my blog so that next time it will directly reach at your mail ID.

How Purchase of an item Impacts our Navision and its ledgers?

This is regular impact of MS Dynamics NAV in Cronus Database provided by Microsoft.

SO to summarise the whole scenario let me give a brief.

To purchase an Item you can do a Purchase Order or Purchase Invoice. Many a times we create a 

Quote to send our Vendors.

Quote as such has no impact on ledgers.

If you make a receipt of Order it will update your

ILE and Posted Receipt is created for the same Order.

If you post the invoice for the same order or directly creating the invoice of an Item then it will,

update your all ledgers as follows

Vendor Ledger Entry

Detailed Vendor Ledger Entry

G/L Entry

Value Entry

Tax Entry / Vat Entry if applicable.

IF Reservation is applicable you will get separate Lines of Items in ILE else all will be summarized.