Thursday, March 30, 2017

7 Doubts You Should Clarify About Multiple Language Solution In NAV

Is your Solution MULTI Language Acceptable?

Hi All,

This post is about  providing your solution of Nav to be implemented in multi langauages.

While creating reports in NAV we have many a times used Hard Code Error  which resolves solutions but the long term impact of such cases I want to share with my readers.

So the summarise post is below :- 

How to achieve Multi Language Implementation Solution?

We must provide every error , message , confirmation in TEXT CONSTANT and we must provide another language in Caption ML Property of NAV.

More about property is Here.

Where we must use it?

1. Object Name
2. Function Name
3. Function Variable
4.Option Type 
5.Control Names.
 Comment,CAPTIONML,OPTIONML,Instruction,Instruction Tool ML.

Rules :-

Always use text constants and avoid hard code while defining ERROR,MESSAGE,CONFIRM,STRMENU,OPTION,DATEFORMULA

Alway try to use FIELDCAPTION,TABLECAPTION,STRSUBSTNO to retrieve caption values for comparing object names.


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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Miracle Of Hook In Ms Dynamics Navision 2016 and 2017?

Why to use Hooks in NAVISION ?

Hooks are the another ways to implement customisation in NAV 2016 and above.

Hooks Advantage :-

  1. It increases Transparency.
      2. It increases Testability.

      3. It creates easy Upgradation of NAV versions.

      4. Separate Codunit for each objects. and there will be only a reference in base objects.

      5. Impact of Customisation will be minimum.

How to implement Hooks?

Create a new codeunit which will be a parent codeunit and will be used for all customisation in NAV.

Naming Conventions of HOOK
Microsoft Suggests Codeunit Process Name_HOOK for Eg. SIH_HOOK For Sales Invoice Header customisations.

Create the hook and take an example to update a field and validate it before customisations.
for Example

Reference it in Sales Post Codeunit.

Implement all business logic in Hook Codeunit.


Basically , it is another method suggested by MIcrosoft to write all code in one place so that implementation becomes easy to undertand and working smoothly.

To deploy Apps on Microsoft Partner Source you need to follow these guidelines provided by microsoft.


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Monday, March 27, 2017

10 Things Nobody Told You About Nav Coding Guidelines.

How to start Coding in MS Dynamics NAV?

Hi All,

This post is just a starting of a new age of NAV Extension and coding guidelines to develop new

 requirements. So it is for all the NAV developers all over the world to follow these codelines.

Why we as NAV Technical Consultant need these guidelines?

Now requirements of our clients and developments have been changed a lot with technical 

background so we need all the changes to be deployed with latest functionalities.

To implement these changes you must have to leearn these codelines and guides.

Where can we get these coding guidelines?

You can get these coding guide lines from Microsoft Wiki Nav Community.

Sumarised guidelines for NAV Technical Consultant.

1. NAV Technical Consultant must understand these topics clearly.

More References to be followed:

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How to change instance in WebClient URL of NAVISION ?

Hi ,

This post is about a Web Client Configuration in MS Dynamics NAV. If somehow we had implemented Web Client with different Instance of NAV then how can we reconfigure it.

In my case we have configured with DynamicsNAV90 but now we want our url to get change by the new instance. May be there present various options to others I request my readers to please do comment

and share all those methods if you have other ideas with you to share.

Solution Steps :-

MS Dynamics NAV Web Client

MS Dynamics NAV Web Client 2017

  1. Open the server with administrator login else it will not allow you to change the Config. File. If you are working on Local system then you may continue.
  2. Open the inetpup Folder in C Drive.
  3. Now goto this path C:\inetpub\wwwroot\DynamicsNAV90 and open Web.Config File present there in Notepad.
  4. Replace your old instance name with new in 2 Places where old instance name has been used.
  5. Now Goto this link also C:\inetpub\wwwroot\DynamicsNAV90\WebClient
  6. And Open InstanceWeb File and here also change the instance name. It will appear in 2 positions so do change both of them.
  7. Now Restart your system and open the new web Client. It will now point to new instance.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

All You Need To Know About How Nav Is 3 Tier.

How Dynamics NAV uses a three-tier architecture?

Three tiers are DATABASE , CLIENT and APPLICATION :- 

1. SQL Server is the data tier and is used to store the data into a database.

2. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server is the middle or server tier, managing all
business logics and communication. It also provides an additional layer of
security between clients and the database, and an additional layer for user
3.On the client tier we find the RoleTailored clients, such as the Windows
clients and the Web client. 

Dynamics NAV 2013 also supports other kind of
clients, including Web Services (both SOAP and OData), a SharePoint client
through Microsoft Dynamics NAV Portal Framework, and a NAS service.

Friday, March 17, 2017

You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Gst Implementation In Nav.

Release of GST Patch in India for MS Dynamics Nav 2016.

GST in MS Dynamcis NAv

As we know India has revolutionised the taxation system by bringing globalised taxation in all states.
It brings a huge curiosity to implement GST in MS Dynamics NAV 2016 Indian Version.

Get Your GST Patch  download with CU 17 of MS DYNAMICS NAV 2016 on below link.

Download GST CU17 of MS Dynamics NAV 2016.

Impact of GST in India.

1. There will be globalised taxation system which will become easy for small scale industries to manipulate there business scenarios.

2. It will bring more jobs in all industries in India specially NAV Technical and Functional Consultants.

Updates from Microsoft :-

Till 18 March 2017 Microsoft has released the Whitepaper for GST to be implemented in our NAV 2016. You can download the GST White Paper From Here.
Get the white PAPER From Microsft here.  

 Copy of WhitePaper for MS Dynamics NAV GST Update

This Whitepaper contains all the important informations to be implemented with GST in MS Dynamics NAV 2016. So get you copy First.

You can also get the details About the GST Release From this Link also.

GST implementation in mS dynamics nav

Microsoft GST Complete information.

The above link tells you about where the impacts and modification have been done by Microsoft to implement the GST Taxation sytem in India.

I will keep you update about the implementation of MS Dynamics NAV GST in INDIA.
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

How to carry value from a field in purchase order to item ledger entry in NAV 2017 at

Requirement :-

Today I had a requirement to update Item ledger entry from Purchase header. To complete this requirement we need to understand the flow of header to ILE.

For Reference :-

MS Dynamics Nav
So the above screen shows a basic architecture of flow from Purchase Header To ILE in NAV 2017.

Step 1.
Add a field in Table 38 Purchase Header with a unique ID that must be used in whole process.
Then Add a Field in Item Jnl Line. Accordingly Add it in Purchase Header Page also.
Add the same field in ILE also.
For Reference see the screen,
In all I had added Field Narration Test on Id 50000 to all the tables required.

Step 2. Now add code to Table 83 thats all you dont need to code in Codeunit 90 for data flow.
Step 3. Now add the code in codeunit 22 for posting in ILE.

Step4. Now just run the Purchase invoice or Purchase Order Process,you will get your desired result in ILE.


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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How to configure a Role Center in Role Tailored Client of MS Dynamics NAV 2017?

Requiremnt :-

To configure a Role Center Page in Nav 2017 for a User which is defined in User Personalisation .

Reference Screen :-

MS Dynamics NAV Screen 1
I am Going to configure ACCOUNTANT User Personalization.
Solution :-

Step 1. Open CMD from Start Menu.
And type the following on cmd.

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\70\RoleTailored Client

MS Dynamics NAV 02

Step 2.
Now type the following command to open and configure the Role Center profile.
Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe -configure -profile:"ACCOUNTANT"

To Open the profile.

Step 3. Now Configure the profile. Means now you can remove the Department and other profiles.

MS Dynamics NAV 04

Step 4. Remove the Department and other Menus whatsoever you want to remove.
Now see the final Result. It will automatically restart your NAV Profile and your desired Departmen will be removed.

MS Dynamics NAV Reference

You can also hide a Module from Menusuite but it will hide it from all the profiles of  NAV users so this above method is far better to accept.

You can check other Links from here :-

Goto this link.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2017 Cumulative Update Summary and hotfixes for March 2017.

Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2017 - Update March 2017

Microsoft has just released its fourth cumulative update for MS Dynamics Nav 2017.
Cumulative Update 04 For MS Dynamics NAV 2017

Details :-

Download Link :-

Direct Download

GST for MS Dynamics NAV 2016.

Microsoft will launch the GST hotfix for Indian Version before 4 weeks from the NAV implementation in India by Government. It will be the biggest release and development area.

So wait for the new release of the hot fix.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How to create USER in MS Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 ?

This post is to resolve the error while restoring a new database in SQL Server and connecting it with NAV development environment.

The error we Get while connecting with SQL from NAV development Environment.

You do not have access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Verify that you have been set up as a valid user in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Solution :-
 You can delete all users from SQL Database using the Querry.

DELETE FROM [dbo].[User];
DELETE FROM [dbo].[Access Control];
delete From [dbo].[User Property];
delete FROM [dbo].[Page Data Personalization];
Delete FROM [dbo].[User Default Style Sheet];
Delete FROM [dbo].[User Metadata];
DELETE FROM [dbo].[User Personalization];

You may check it in my Blog Post for NAV 2016 also.

Check if you can connect with RTC Client.

If still error exists , then you can create user from powershell , check here to create user with powershell.

To create user in NAV 2013 R2 , you have to execute the querry, just copy paste this querry in SQl and replace the 
DB Name and domain name.

USE [DATABASE Name]  -- NAV 2013 database you want to use
DECLARE @UserID varchar(100)
SET @UserID = 'Domain\Username'  -- Windows Login you want to add
-- Get security identifier (SID) for specified user.  Login must be setup in SQL Server first.
DECLARE @BinarySID binary(100)
SELECT @BinarySID = sid FROM sys.syslogins WHERE name = @UserID
  RAISERROR('SQL Server login not found for User %s.', 10, 1, @UserID)
-- SID is stored in the User table as a formatted string.  Need to convert it.
DECLARE @StringSID varchar(238)
SELECT @StringSID = 'S-'
SELECT @StringSID = @StringSID + '-'
SET @j = 9
SET @i = LEN(@BinarySID)
SET @Grp = 1
WHILE (@j < @i) AND (@Grp <= 5) BEGIN
  SET @Grp = @Grp + 1
  SELECT @val = SUBSTRING(@BinarySID, @j, 4)
  SELECT @StringSID = @StringSID + '-'
  SET @j = @j + 
-- Check to see if User record already exists
DECLARE @UserGUID uniqueidentifier
SELECT @UserGUID = [User Security ID]
FROM [User] WHERE [Windows Security ID] = @StringSID
  PRINT 'User ID ' + @UserID + ' already exists in User table.'
  -- Generate new GUID for NAV security ID
  -- Create User record
  ([User Security ID], [User Name], [Full Name], [State], [Expiry Date], [Windows Security ID], [Change Password],[License Type],[Authentication Email])
  VALUES(@UserGUID, @UserID, '', 0, '1/1/1753', @StringSID, 0, 0 ,'') 
  PRINT 'Created User record for User ID ' + @UserID + '. - ' + CAST(@@ROWCOUNT AS varchar) + ' row(s) affected.'
-- Check to see if user is assigned to SUPER role 
IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM [Access Control] WHERE [User Security ID] = @UserGUID AND [Role ID] = 'SUPER' AND [Company Name] = '')
  PRINT 'User ID ' + @UserID + ' is already assigned to SUPER role.'
  -- Create Access Control record to add user to SUPER role
  INSERT INTO [Access Control]
  ([User Security ID], [Role ID], [Company Name])
  VALUES(@UserGUID, 'SUPER', '')
  PRINT 'Added User ID ' + @UserID + ' to SUPER role. - ' + CAST(@@ROWCOUNT AS varchar) + ' row(s) affected.'
-- User Property record required to allow login
IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM [User Property] WHERE [User Security ID] = @UserGUID)
  PRINT 'User Property record already exists for User ID ' + @UserID + '.'
  INSERT INTO [User Property]
  ([User Security ID], [Password], [Name Identifier], [Authentication Key], [WebServices Key], [WebServices Key Expiry Date],[Authentication Object ID])
  VALUES(@UserGUID, '', '', '', '', '1/1/1753','')
  PRINT 'Created User Property record for User ID ' + @UserID + '. - ' +  CAST(@@ROWCOUNT AS varchar) + ' row(s) affected.'

And execute the Querry. Now you will be able to connect with NAV development.

How to create user in MS Dynamics nav from SQL Server

You can also download the Querry For NAV 2013 R2 from Here.

You can also refer to other website here :-

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