Monday, August 8, 2016

How to convert Amount in Words in Reports of MS Dynamics NAV?

MS Dynamics NAVISION report 

I come to go along a situation where I have to show total in words. I am designing a report where I am going to show the total in MS Dynamics NAV. I am designing a report which shows total of customer's balance in Words. Let's have look.

We have to use a variable of report type 1401 which is using two functions:-

InitTextVariable & FormatNoText

I am using the REPORT Check 1401 and  there may be diffrence in Database localisation. In INDIAN VERSION these two functions exists.Now I am going to show how I have used these reports and functions in my report.

When you see in INDIAN version of DB inside report 1401 there are above functions being used.

For the example I have taken Customer Table with the following Fields.

This is the code Which I have used to retrieve the total of Balance Field.
In the last screen I have selected a particular user For the balance.
You can see the amount in words which you can show in your report.

I hope you understand the process and code of using the functions in your report. For Further querry please comment.

In my above report code I have taken (notext VARIABLE of datatype text) which is a type of array with dimension 2 notext[1] contains your required result for showing amount in words.


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