Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What is Kiler Object in MS Dynamics NAV?

Most of us may be unaware of this term in MS Dynamics NAV. 

But yes it exists. Howsoever I came across this object in one of my situation in our project. To help others I am bringing you the concept.


You will need two DB for creating and using killer object in NAV Dev Environment.

What is Killer Object in MS Dynamics NAV?

Killer Objects are basically creation of objects without any defination in those Objects.

How To create Killer Object?

You just have to create a object in one database with existing object id in another Database. I think you have not understand. See in the screenshot.

This is a Killer Object. Just save this Object. You can do this with any of the 7 Objects.

How to Use Killer Object?

Now open that DB where you want to delete the object with same ID.
This Object will not ask you anything in the DB where you are importing the same.
So be careful while using the same.


In a scenario where you want to delete the extra object out of your license range object.


Be careful while using such type of object. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How to : Use & Implement TRANSFERFIELDS Function in NAVISION?


This function is basically used to copy data from one table to another. According to Microsoft on MSDN The following screen shows the same.

For the Example here I had copied the fields from Customer Table 18 and I copied the respective fields in Navision Dev Environment.

I had written the following Code for copying DATA. I had also remove all the code from the table field which I had copied.

This is the code which I had written for the exaple purpose.

After running the codeunit I got the desired result. I had not got the real example anywhere to use TRANSFERFIELDS.

Thats why I had written the following Blog. 

If there is any suggestion then please comment on below.

Monday, August 8, 2016

How to convert Amount in Words in Reports of MS Dynamics NAV?

MS Dynamics NAVISION report 

I come to go along a situation where I have to show total in words. I am designing a report where I am going to show the total in MS Dynamics NAV. I am designing a report which shows total of customer's balance in Words. Let's have look.

We have to use a variable of report type 1401 which is using two functions:-

InitTextVariable & FormatNoText

I am using the REPORT Check 1401 and  there may be diffrence in Database localisation. In INDIAN VERSION these two functions exists.Now I am going to show how I have used these reports and functions in my report.

When you see in INDIAN version of DB inside report 1401 there are above functions being used.

For the example I have taken Customer Table with the following Fields.

This is the code Which I have used to retrieve the total of Balance Field.
In the last screen I have selected a particular user For the balance.
You can see the amount in words which you can show in your report.

I hope you understand the process and code of using the functions in your report. For Further querry please comment.

In my above report code I have taken (notext VARIABLE of datatype text) which is a type of array with dimension 2 notext[1] contains your required result for showing amount in words.