Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Understand Grouping and applying Toggles in MS Dynamics NAV RDLC Layout


Before going in detail you should check the details about controlling the Columns and Rows in NAV

RDLC Layout.

Today I got a requirement from my client to show all Items By Location Report in MS Dynamics 

NAV. The requirement was simple using Item and ILE Tables but he wants to see the total in one line 

and if he needs to show details then only details must appear.

This requirement can be completed by using SSRS or RDLC Toggle Functionality present in MS Dynamics NAV.

So lets Get Started with seeing the Final result in Demo DB Cronus.

You can click on + and see the details so it is dynamic report for your client.

How to achieve it?

This Hide Details is a boolean field and Integer has Data Item Table view property
Number = 1 as we do earlier.

Now I had created the Layout as follows

Location Code is Grouped as Parent Group here. And selecting the Details Row I had Set the expression as Follows:

NOT Last(Fields!HideDetails.Value, "DataSet_Result")