Tuesday, August 15, 2017

More than 30 Points you must think before designing any RDLC Reports in MS Dynamics NAV 2017


This post is related with RDLC Report Defination Language in C/AL so before Designing you must

know the reason why and whom and How you will create Reports in MS Dynamics NAV 2017.

So my readers will be able to resolve many problems and concepts which anyone can use in their

daily development process.

25. We can pick Year , Month and Date Difference From Posting Date in NAV.


= Year(Fields!PostingDate.Value) Further you can also use this as grouping in RDLC.

24. We can use Format in TextBox & also Use HTML in TextBox in NAV

You can use HTML Format in Reports using Textbox If you need help in it you can comment below.

23. Use Of Exit Funtion in Source Expression

You may use  Exit Function also in Data Source of DataItem of RDLC Reporting

22. PrintOnlyIfDetail

Most of you might be knowing it can be used to save unwanted dataset in Report so can be used to improve the timing issue.

21. Use Matrix Report

20. Use conversion Function in RDLC Reporting to convert Format of Expression

19. What is the use of Dataset (Fields!Expression,"Dataset Result")?

It Defines the scope of Field Expression to complete the Result.

18. Use of Function in RDLC 

Check where Code.BlankZero Defination is Given in Report in Report Properties.

17. We can also use Date Function in RDLC Reports

16. We can use year for Grouping in RDLC Reports

15. INLine IF (IIF) and Switch Case can be used in expression of Row and textboxes

14. We can change Expression of Text Box on Behalf of conditions

13. Filling row with color even odd as per requirement.

You can use it in visibility expression

=Iif(RowNumber(Nothing) Mod 2, "PaleGreen", "White")

You can change the Color of BackGround on Behalf of grouping in MS Dynamics NAV.

12. We can insert Row No. in Table using inbuilt function ROWNUBER in RDLC

11. We can repeat header in RDLC Report on every page using static property

10. We can use top n property present in Filters of tablix property to calculate top N customer Item Vendor Report.

9. You can put images in MS Dynamics NAV Report and according to conditions.

8. You can Dynamically break a Tablix and remove last Line from tablix easily using RowNumber Inbuilt Function in RDLC.


So these are the points which are possible in MS Dynamics NAV if any any of the above point you need practical session you can comment me or directly message me from my blog I will update you with my blog.

Thanks to all my readers.

Happy Independence Day 2017 to all Indians.