Saturday, August 12, 2017

How to use email Item Record Table and Mail Management Codeunit

Hi All,

Thanks to Saurabh Sir for provoking me to write this blog. I thanks him for providing new

information as much as possible. I had followed his blog and re - writing this blog with variables and

screenshots which were not available there. So it will be better to understand few consultants like me

slow learner.

To go directly to Link click here Saurav Dhyani

I had applied the same solution you can view the screenshot and download my solution from Here

Download Codeunit 50000

Download Report 50000

Download Page 22 Customer List

Remove the objects present already on these ids and before importing these objects.

This report is using the concept of Open Field present on Customer Ledger Entries and calculating

the sum of amounts in navision RDLC Reports.

Codeunit is using TempBlob Record Table also to customize the requirement.