Monday, August 7, 2017

How Purchase of an item Impacts our Navision and its ledgers?

This is regular impact of MS Dynamics NAV in Cronus Database provided by Microsoft.

SO to summarise the whole scenario let me give a brief.

To purchase an Item you can do a Purchase Order or Purchase Invoice. Many a times we create a 

Quote to send our Vendors.

Quote as such has no impact on ledgers.

If you make a receipt of Order it will update your

ILE and Posted Receipt is created for the same Order.

If you post the invoice for the same order or directly creating the invoice of an Item then it will,

update your all ledgers as follows

Vendor Ledger Entry

Detailed Vendor Ledger Entry

G/L Entry

Value Entry

Tax Entry / Vat Entry if applicable.

IF Reservation is applicable you will get separate Lines of Items in ILE else all will be summarized.