Monday, August 7, 2017

All About MS Dynamics 365 Registration and certification for MS Dynamics?

What is Dynamics 365 from scratch and all?

So Guys for past one year we are in news of MS Dynamics 365 released by Microsoft and now it is 

available in 2 Versions .

Dynamics 365 For Business .

Dynamics 365 For Financials.

What are these 2 Terms So stay with me for whole bunch you will get all here.

These 2 are basically SAAS based service Software as service one of the 3 categories of cloud based 


Who can use it?

Any small , mid or medium size enterprise who needs to automate its business tracking via software can use it.

What it really is?

In terms of ERP , it is an cloud based ERP System based on CRM and ERP NAV integration, if you 

have really worked on MS Dynamics NAV then you can relate it with the process. So without 

wasting much of your precious time

time I will tell you how a normal consultant or any business owner can start with Dynamics 365.

To Register For MS Dynamics NAV ,

You may need to sign up for Microsoft Account or hotmail login, Because it will be required in Further process,

How To Learn Dynamics 365 customization?

I can provide you the Link For Certification , So for my next training material for these certification 

you may contact me and subscribe for my blog so that next time it will directly reach at your mail ID.