Sunday, August 13, 2017

30 Things you should know about Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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This post is related to upgradation of our skills as MS Dynamics NAV Developer if you are junior ,

Senior , Fresher or manager in an organisation. Below is list of 30 most well upgraded Links which

we all should know , if we are working in MS Dynamics NAV as Technical or Functional


No One is Perfect , But practice can make anyone PERFECT.

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3. How many types of Discounts you can provide to your customer in Navision?

    We can provide 3 types of discounts in NAV:-

     Line Discount , Invoice Discount , Payment Term Discount.

4. When Last Direct Cost is updated?

     Last direct cost is updated when a purchase invoice is posted in the system and this price is

     appearing in Lines of document.

5. Summarize the WorkFlow Process in Navision?

    Setups required for the workflow configuration in NAV 2016 onwards:

    Setting up approval users (including setting up a user in Windows and in Microsoft Dynamics            

    Create a user in active directory

    Create a user in NAV and link with Windows directory
    Set up Approval

    Set up a workflow user group

    Setting up notifications for approval users:

    Create a notification schedule

    Create a notification setup

    Modifying and enabling an approval workflow:

    View the workflow template

    Create a new workflow

    Starting the job queue that dispatches notifications: (if required by client customization)
    Job queue setup
    Requesting approval of a purchase order, as user A:
    Create purchase order, after login from user A
    Send the request to approve
    Receiving a notification and then approving the request, as user B:
    Login from user B and approve the purchase order.

6. What are the types of Journal Entries in Nav?

   General Journal , Standard Journal , Recurring Journal , Reversing Journal.

7. Why document date is used or use of posting date and document date?

   Document date is used for all major calculation in system like Payment Terms and Methods while 

   Posting Date is date when it is posted in the system or document last date to change.

8. What is the use of OnHold Field in CLE is used for?

   To specify a code for user to hold the payment means if user wants to stop some payment due 

   to settlement then it is used.

9. How to process prepayment in Navision?

  I will not disscuss here whole process you can check on MSDN. I am just providing summarised 

  step to setup.
  1. General Ledger Setup Field Check Prepayment VAT.
  2. Sales & Receivables Setup Prepayment Calc.
  3. Gen. Product Posting Grp. Define Accounts.
  4. Sales & Receivables Setup. & Setup No. Series For Prepayment.

10. Diffrence between Cash Receipt Journal and Payment Journal?

 Main Difference is you can use check Functionlity with PAyment Journal which is not available 

with cash receipt Journal.

11. What is the use of Remaining Amt. on CLE and Open Field?

Original Amount and Remaining Amount columns on CLE & VLE. If the Remaining Amount column is zero, the full payment has been received.

if the checkbox is not selected in the Open column, the invoice is fully settled.

12. What is Payment Registration Functionality in NAV?

This functionality of MS Dynamics NAV provides you to check all the payments that needs to be 

received or paid. You can also post the payment directly from here. Pth is as below in Cronus

CRONUS International Ltd./Departments/Financial Management/Cash Management

13. What is Data Exchange Framework in NAV?

This framework is basically designed for payment and bank reconciliation in MS Dynamics NAV.

You can look at table and codeunit in 1200 series and can use the functionality to import any type of 

data format in the navision.