Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Types of Tables in Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2017

Summary of Tables in MS Dynamics NAV 2017

These are the tables that are used in MS Dynamics NAV. It is a summary of the post for all tables present in MS Dynamics NAV. You will learn about these and hope you will enjoy too.

What are tables?

Tables are the collection of records and it is the heart of any database because it contains all the 

values and data for further manipulation of records.

To implement any solution you first need to learn how to store the data in an accurate way. So to get 

the logical output you must check this blog for bettter understanding.

1. Master Tables

2. Journal Tables

3. Document Tables

4. Document History Tables

5. Setup Tables

6. Supplemental Tables

7. Subsidiary Tables

8. Ledger Tables

9. Register Tables