Monday, February 13, 2017

How to setup Report viewer textbox visibility expression - Microsoft Dynamics Navision

Set Visibility in RDLC Textbox based on Condition

Today I have a requirement to hide a Textbox containing data of a field caption based on an condition.

I had used IIF condition to show the visibility of Home Page Caption when Company homepage is not present. For example :- See the Screenshot.
Report Requirement

To implement the condition we have to setup the visibility using IIF syntax.


False is Used here to hide the Homepage if CompanyHomePage Url is not present.

Report Setup of Code

The Result is Here :-

Report result of Microsoft dynamics Navsion

Now Setting the Url on Company Infomation Page the result after that is :
Navision Report Screen 5
Microsoft Dynamics Navision Report

You can check the video here :