Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What is Sales Price and Purchase Price in Navision?

Sales Price & Purchase Price 

These are the price which we can define for a particular item. It can be used and categorised on different basis. We can also define prices for different Dates in a month.

How to define it :- 

We can use these prices in normal indian business scenarios where we want to give some discounts to specific Customers and Vendors as per the requirement.

To define the special prices GOTO Item and search for special prices at home and navigate ribbon.


In the Sales Price we can define the Direct unit cost of items according to specific customers.

We can also create different customers and accordingly we can define the Sales Price for the items.

We Can also define Price for all Customers. 

The same can be used for Vendors but here we can only define to buy from a particular vendor.

Error while defining Sales & Purchase Price :-

Now , after defining the prices in Sales Price and Purchase Price the issue arises why the sales price is defined correctly instead the system picks up the Last Direct according to the Method defined for stock. For fast solution please check these points.

1. Quantity Field must be blank for accurate transaction of Direct Unit cost in Purchase/Sales Line.

2. Currency Field must be blank or same as in sales/purchase lines.

Starting Date and Ending Date must have a value.

Please comment if still the prices are not picking correctly. or for any other customization.