Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What are the new Features in MS Dynamics NAV 2017?

As you know MS has released its latest version of Beta 2017 MS Dynamic NAV, Let's have a look over the new features included in it.

1. First new feature I observed in NAV 2017 web client is notification which we can use for different purpose in our development like overdue balance of customer,Routine posting and other things.

For this purpose we have been provided with new notication data types.
which works in 2 scopes local and global both according to function and our client requirement.

2. We can now further categorise our G/L Account in different categories of our requirement.

For example,

till yet we can only categorise a COA on the basis of Income/Balance sheet till yet now we can have other categories also. We can define a COA acoount on our requirement also.

I will post further new features also as i will go futher development and my learning.
Please share new features which you also see in comment box.

Get your copy of Beta version of MS Dynamics NAV 2017 here in below link.