Monday, June 27, 2016

How to use GETFILTER & SETFILTER How to use it and where to use it in MS Dynamics NAV?

Basically these two filters are majorly used in reports creation of NAVISION. Howsoever I read these functions in MSDN Defination.

To get a better view of these two function I am creating a report using these SETFILTER and GETFILTER.

My readers can also see these functions in many base reports from MS Dynamics NAV.

Firstly look at the defination of these two inbuilt Functions in NAV from MSDN.


Assigns a filter to a field that you specify. via MSDN


Returns a list of the filters within the current filter group that are applied to a field. via MSDN.

Howsoever now I am creating a report whose filter I AM going to setup with these two functions lets have a look on my screenshots.
I hope this blog will make easier for beginners to learn this functions in details. I also request NAV seniors to comment and correct me for my mistaks in any of my blog written.

According to me,
I use GETFILTER for getting the filetrs on reports which I had defined in

ReqFilterFields I am Showing It here.

Code :

Result:You will receive this filter result 3 Times as i have 3 <>0 records in Customer Table.